The Holy

Autumn / Winter 2013 – 2014

The Holy is a collection that combines the antithesis, the oposites, and merges them into a final immage without impacts or violence.

It is inspired on the feminine icons of past heroines: saints, mistics, warriors, sorcerers… The main point is the materialization of a feminine ideal, with a strong moral and spiritual force that gides you against the demons to finally reach paradise. As a reference to those icons I have chosen a trully mithic character of those times: Saint Therese of Jesus and the her influence on those days.

The next autumn/winter season is a season of contrasts where we can find links and means that integrate the oposites. We find mixed the future and the historic past time, the misticism and the realism, the hardness becomes fragile, the rigidness becomes fluid, the transparent becomes compact, the silkness becomes quilted…nothing is what it seems. A mixage of shapes that recall the Middle Age, and at the same time very contemporary combinations, volume is of much presence.


The chosen colour to represent this collection is white in some of its shades. White is a pure colour as it is refered to in the name of the collection for being one of the colours that are more related to misticism, with the pureness of the things and persons.


Materials used are a modern representation of the ones that where used in past ages: wool, cotton embroidery, cloth, brocade, knit, gabardine, lace, lycra…… mixing different textures.