Spring / Summer 2014

The EUMENIDES, goddess from the greek mithodology previous to Olympus, are the three sisters of revenge. ALECTO, MAGEREA & TISIFONE represent the straighteness of things, the pre established order and the protection of the Cosmos against caos.

EUMENIDES is a collection in wich through her party dresses the fashion designer ESTHER NORIEGA reflects using shapes, colours and clothes from the most feared side of the Goddes of Revenge up to their most kind profile.

ESTHER NORIEGA´s proposals are inspired in shapes and volumes of Ancient Greece; vaporous and falling clothes, combination of textures and the presence of pleats that suggest the femenine silouette.

Leather is the main point in the collection. It is used on sewed dresses with plain leather stripes, braided straigh on the maniquin or on the details of the brocaded leather, that design flowers on dresses and bodies.

Gauze, silk crepe, knitting, crepe, tulle and laces complete the collection mixing up between them: knit with leather, with the silk bambula, with the crepe….creating different textures.

And as far as for the colours the most representative of the Ancient Greece: white, purple, red, golden and black, colour that was used to identify the EUMENIDES.