Autumn / Winter 2014-2015

Emilie was born as a homage to one of the world’s most renowed woman: A woman that breaks the molds, rebelling against the status quo of her time.

Designer, friend of artists, lover of a French painter of Secesionist Vienna, that turned to be one of the most representative of a new form of paint and expression in color: Gustav Klimt.

Klimt, symbolic painter and contaminated by the “Art Nouveau”, lover of icons and bizantine mosaics, of gothic stained glasses in all their color, lover of nature, vegetal world, trees, clusters of leafs… eveything that suits that women created by the art nouveau.

Emilie as the painter muse, inspired the variety of models that Klimt painted in a handful of canvases. But one of them shines above all else, due it’s iconography, color and the richness of it’s forms. This modernist canvas where gold have it’s presence and Emilie appears surrounded by a mythological dream it is “The Dream”.

The designer takes this color palette an experiments with, turning them into a collection where the harshness of plants plays as bed for the red berries, the green pagentry of the trees, the browns that fades out, the yellows of the leafs… mirroring the color that blooms through, as they do in the Castilla Fields, her brithplace.

Yellow is the color that stands above all of them as a ray of light that shines through tree’s branches… black as the color that smiths the iron in it’s playful shapes.

All this colors are reflected on Neoprene as the main and brand new fabric. The wool and mohair gives their warm to the collection. Laces, crepes and muslins draw the femenine silhouette. Every texture merges, clashing materials, dream of laces and seethroughs. Macrame gives the collection a touch of refined elegance.

A straightforward collection, ambitious and unique, where patterns takes us to clean and pure lines living together with playful shapes, string cut, flods and shirreds. A collection of distilled couture, fashionable, functional… Accessories gives the final touch.